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What's Brewing

We’ve been planning our brewery for a pandemic-sized long time.  While we are not known for our patience, our appreciation for the amazeballs transformations that happen during metamorphosis have taught us that patience and time yield dazzling results.

The Line Up

Our beers are still on their way to the fermenter, but you should expect to be delighted when they are finally released.  Here’s what to expect:


Beer For Pints

Cold, refreshing, approachable.  Beers meant as a companion for a day on the lake, an afternoon that stretches till fireflies alight, a casual round of golf, or just a good hang.  Sessionable.


IPAs in all shapes and sizes

West Coast, East Coast – hey, maybe even Midwest.  Bigger flavors, dank escapes, dry-hopped, fresh-hopped, carefully created to bring on a hazy evening.


Not your Daddy’s Pilsners

Somewhere along the line refreshing, crisp pilsners went the way of the Xerces Blue (Look it up), but it’s not too late for the style and it can be a remarkably different thing in the hands of a craft brewer. Slow pour to the rescue.



A twist on standard ales and lager, these will be deliberately tart beers for the adventurous palate that doesn’t mind a good pucker complemented by fruits and flavors from Mother Nature’s bounty.


Collector Beers

Break out the fancy glassware and get comfy.  These are beers full of bold flavors, experimental yeasts, adjuncts, and no small amount of alcohol.  Stouts, DIPAs, TIPAs, maybe even category-less!



Catch these beers while you can!  Spruce tips and maple syrup from spring eruptions, strawberry milkshake IPA, mango hefeweizen or cucumber gose for the hammock in a warm summer breeze, staghorn sumac sour while tailgating, pumpkin saison with rustling leaves and campfire, or barrel-aged creme brulee stout to trim the Christmas tree.


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