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Yellow Admiral

Yellow Admiral

Hazy IPA | Nelson Sauvin + Strata

Meet the Yellow Admiral – a common inhabitant of New Zealand and the surrounding Pacific Islands. While fast-flying and adventurous as a butterfly (come on summer!) the caterpillar is capable of using silk to roll leaves around itself and hide during inhospitable conditions (we are looking at you spring).

This species represents Cocoon Brewing’s latest hazy IPA featuring notes of mineral-rich Sauvignon Blanc, imparted by New Zealand Nelson Sauvin hops grown in the same rich, fertile soils of the white wine grapes. Additions of Strata hops lay overtones of sweet berry on top of a soft body of oats and white wheat. With 7% ABV this IPA brings both the fun and warmth required for Wisconsin’s spring.

The native people of New Zealand, the Māori, called this butterfly the yellow cloak – come on in and wrap yourself up.

Let’s Hang.

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