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salt sipper stripe

Salt Sipper

Traditional Gose

Salt Sipper is Cocoon Brewing’s first foray into gose (pronounced “goes-uh”) a German beer defined by light sourness and additions of sea salt and coriander. Our first rendition is a traditional recipe relying on a wheat backbone to produce a light and refreshing beer with hints of citrussy tartness.

As salt is scarce in the diets of animals who feed on plants and nectar, many types of butterflies collect around puddles to drink water rich in sodium. The mineral plays a key role in mating; the male often transfers salt to females to incorporate into their eggs, improving both mating success and egg survival. In areas of heavy street salt use, butterflies have also been shown to grow bigger wing muscles, brains and eyes! Unfortunately, overindulgence in salt has also been shown to reduce lifespan – another reminder to sip responsibly.

Everything tastes better with a little salt. Let’s Hang!

Flavor Profile