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Open for lunch 7 days/week! Father's Day Market - June 15th click for details!

Collectors of Life

Our name connects back to a time when Cocoon’s founders Matt and Mike were young kids fascinated by an ever-expanding world, and as part of that exploration began collecting butterflies.

These formative moments have had a lasting impact on our perspectives of the world and provide a rich set of memories for us as individuals.  We now gravitate to activities, places, businesses, and people that provide such direct, authentic, and visceral emotions.

Cocoon Brewing aims to celebrate the vibrancy of life felt, experienced and shared, not simply observed.

A Taste for Adventure

Cocoon Brewing is a toast to the collective moments of curiosity and adventure that shape us. It’s an experience that allows us to reconnect with our sense of wonder and exploration. The Cocoon experience is designed to take you back to carefree nights with nothing on your mind but good friends and great conversation.

We invite you to set down your phone and…

…spin a record

…grab a deck of cards

…kindle a fire

…taste with your eyes closed

…swing in a hammock

…spark up a conversation

…spread your wings

…grab a beer

Cocoon as a noun:

Something that envelops or surrounds,
especially in a protective or comforting way

Cocoon as a verb:

Retreat from the stressful conditions of
public life into a cozy private world